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City Assessor

Randy Jewell has served as the City Assessor since 2001.  He received a Certification for Property Valuation and Assessment from Lansing Community College in 1985. Randy is a Level 3 State Certified Assessor and a former State Certified Appraiser. Every year, Randy attends continuing education classes offered by the State of Michigan and courses offered by the Michigan Assessors Association.

Duties of the City Assessor include placing an annual assessed value and taxable value on all real and personal property within the City of Olivet for the purpose of levying property taxes.  All city property records are maintained by the Assessor including name and address changes, transfer of affidavits, homestead exemptions and parcel descriptions. The Assessor establishes the true cash (fair market) value of real and personal property. The fair market value determines property; assessed value (half the true cash value), and the taxable value in the year following a sale.

The Olivet Board of Review meets the second Monday and Tuesday of March each year.


City of Olivet, 117 South Main, P.O. Box 367, Olivet  MI  49076.
Phone: (517) 541-1555 

Property Records / Tax Assessment can be accessed through BS&A Software – Online Services. Click on the link below.

BS&A Software – Online Services