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Mayor Gary Peterson

Gary Peterson is the Mayor for the City of Olivet.  As Mayor, he has served the residents of the Olivet Community for the last seven years, and prior to that he served fifteen years as a member of the City Council. 

As Mayor, Gary is most pleased that the City of Olivet is one of two Eaton County communities that received a “zero” rating in 2010 by the Michigan Department of Treasury.  The Fiscal Health Score of “zero” is the highest score possible, and means that the City of Olivet is deemed to be managing its financial responsibility appropriately and provides an overall snapshot of our financial condition.

During the fifteen years as a member of the City Council, Gary was in charge of the Sewer Lagoon Improvements, Water System Improvements, and the new Water Tower and worked on the implementation of the Cross Connection Program which was one of the first to be completed in Michigan.  Because of the dedication of the Council and our Department of Public Works we were named Water Utility of the year in 2002. Gary was also named as Mayor of the Year in 2008 by the Michigan Rural Water Association.

Many accomplishments have been made, with the help of the City Council, during Mayor Peterson’s past 7 years as Mayor; the College Street Bridge Project, Water Well and Sewer Lift Station Improvements, the new EMS Rescue Truck and Patrol Car Purchases, new Municipal Building, and the repaving of all the city streets and parking lots to name some of the changes. These projects have made a vital impact on the entire city, and would not have been possible without the support of your City Council Members and grant dollars which helped reduce out of pocket expenses to the city. 

Gary works with representatives of Olivet College and the Olivet Community Schools to improve relations by attending monthly meetings.  These monthly meetings allow key Olivet Community officials to share what is happening in their respective areas, and help us to become a stronger unified Community.

The City is working diligently with neighboring jurisdictions to share ideas, equipment, and training.  We are currently developing a plan to increase our existing levels of cooperation, collaboration, and consolidations which will not only benefit the City of Olivet but will also improve the quality of life for other residents in southern Eaton County.

Mayor Peterson would like to remind residents that he keeps daily office hours and maintains an open door policy.  You may contact him via email as well at gpeterson@cityofolivet.org regarding any concern or issue you may have.