Questions & Answers

Q.  My neighbor throws parties all the time, and wakes me up with loud voices and music.  What can I do about this?
A.  The City of Olivet does not have a noise ordinance to address this, so call the Eaton County Central Dispatch non-emergency number (see Police main page for number), and we will respond and address this issue with your neighbor.  Please call when it is occurring.
Q.  I called the Olivet Police Department to report an incident, bu no one answered.  Why is that?
A.  Officers are usually on patrol, so it's always best to call Eaton County Dispatch if ou need to report an incident or make a complaint.  This is especially true for the off-shifts, and on the weekends.  Please see the "Police" main page for further information regarding police contact.  Call 911 for all emergencies.
Q.  What can I do if I believe there is drug activity in a house in town?
A.  Make contact with an Olivet Officer, and provide the details of your suspicion.  If you don't fell comfortable with speaking to an officer face-to-face, you can contact us via phone, or you can provide your inofomation online.  Just visit our main page and click the link to get our T.I.P.S. form.  You can remain anonymous.  Keep in mind, we may have additional questions which would assist us in our investigation, so if you provide us with your contact information we will still repect your wish to remain anonymous.

Q.  I will be leaving for vacation and will be gone for a week or two.  Can I have the police look after my home while I'm gone? 
A.  Absolutely.  Just download the required form from our main page, and provide us with the information needed.  You can also obtain one from the Police Department office.
Q.  My ex-boyfriend keeps driving by my house, and calling me.  Can I get a PPO?
A.  Visit the Eaton County Prosecutor's website for information on PPO's (the link can be found on our homepage).  The Olivet Police Department recommends that you file a report with us, so we may investigate, and file charges appropriately.
As with any emergency, call 911 immediately if you feel you are in imminent danger.
Q.  I got a ticket for parking on the street between 2am and 6am.  How was I supposed to know that I couldn't?
A.  There is no parking on any city street between the hours of 2am and 6am, and this restriction is enforced 365 days a year.  Public notice is given via signs posted around the city regarding this restriction.
Q.  I received a parking ticket, but lost it, and don't remember how much it was.  How do I know what to pay?
A.  Contact the Olivet Police Department, between the hours of 9am and 4pm, and provide the vehicle's plate number.  No information, other than the date of issuance, and the fine amount will be given over the phone to anyone other than the registers.
Q.  What happens if I fail to respond to a parking ticket within 10 days?
A. If the City of Olivet Parking Violations Bureau is not contacted within 10 days of the date the ticket was issued, the registered owner of the vehicle will be found responsible by default, and the fine will double.  Appropriate action will be taken against the registered owner upon further non-compliance.
Q.  What if the car I drive is registered to my mother?  Can it still be booted?
A.  Yes.  We don't ticket the driver, we ticket the vehicle in violation, and gather registered owner information from the plate attached.  If the vehicle has accumulated past due fines, it will be subject o immobilization, and the registered owner held responsible for further action.
Q.  How do I fight my parking ticket?
A.  Only the registered owner of the vehicle may request an informal hearing, and must do so "In-Person" at the City of Olivet's Parking Violations Bureau, located in City Hall.  He/she must make the request within 10 days of the date the ticket was issued.
Q.  Can I pay my parking fines by mail?
A.  Yes.  Make your check or money order out to the "City of Olivet" and mail it to Olivet City Hall, 117 S. Main St., Olivet, MI 49076.

You must send the ticket along with the payment, and the parking bureau must receive the payment within 10 days of the date the ticket was issued.  If you are unable to produce the ticket, you must indicate on the check or money order what the payment is for, and provide the vehicle plate number.
Q.  Can I pay by credit or debit card?
A.  Sorry, but no.  We cannot accept those types of payments at this time.
Q.  Do you accept online payments?
A.  No.  Not at this time.