Department of Public Works

Gone are the days of dirt roads, wooden sidewalks, and trips to the Indian River for water. The Olivet citizens today enjoy paved roadways, cement sidewalks, and access to a limitless supply of water with just a short trip to the kitchen. But along with these advancements, and conveniences available to the citizens comes the vital task of maintenance.

Olivet's Department of Public Works is responsible for maintaining and improving the conveniences the citizens enjoy; however, the employees currently maintaining the city and preparing it for future growth and stability are required to attend much more specialized training, and meet more stringent requirements as required by State and Federal Law. 

The DPW is currently staffed with 2 full-time employees, as well as one part-time employee. They work hard to service the community and do a great job of maintaining several miles of streets and sidewalks. 

A major part of their job that requires constant monitoring and testing is 'Water and Sewer Management'. This requires knowledge of environmental laws and regulations, and maintenance of miles of water and sewer lines.




Recycling Information
Cross Connection Ordinance

Click on link below to read the updated Cross Connection Ordinance adopted by the Olivet City Council on 3/11/2019. Section 66-62 was added to original ordinance.

Cross Connection Ordinance 3/11/2019

CCR Report 2019